Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh Great...

I close today.
I hate closing the theatre. It's boring, lots of work, and lonely.


Speaking of lonely it feels like I'll never find a girlfriend.
I'm one of those "Awesome guy friends who is a rock and can support them but never the one they want to date."

But don't get me wrong guys, I might be depressed and really down, but I would never an hero.
I would just go beserk and kill everything else.

Well maybe not you guys.

Anyway I work 5 to closing yay.

Maybe I'll find a cute girl with a nice personality who actually would give a damn about me.

(Fingers Crossed)


  1. I wish I worked at a theatre.. do you like it? btw nice music lol

  2. that is why I have my blog to help you. :)


  3. hope you find a mate!

    also, daily love!

  4. working the closing shift at the theater sucks. did that once, they made me clean all three concession stands in succession. WTF.